The Board of Directors of Washington Boro Society for Susquehanna River Heritage is delighted to announce Debbie Saylor as Curator of Blue Rock Heritage Center.

 Debbie Saylor

Debbie Saylor

Debbie Saylor’s academic background includes: Masters and Bachelor of Science degrees in biology, laboratory & medical science, anthropology, & sociology, plus field experience in archaeology specializing in prehistoric cultures.  She brings her skill set of networking and a wide range of academic knowledge necessary to promote the master plan for Blue Rock Heritage Center.  Blue Rock Heritage Center will act as a community hub for preserving the cultural heritage of Native American & early settlers, plus showcase the inter-relationship of how peoples and the Susquehanna River influenced present development.

Our Mission Statement


Our mission is to promote and conserve the
rich history of the Lower Susquehanna River Valley through education, preservation and restoration; and to increase public awareness of its archeological and historical resources, features and buildings, and their unique inter-relationship with and access to the local ecological systems.




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John R. McDonald

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